Mission Nasaru Weekend Desktop Screenshot.

Weekend Desktop Screen shot

It is my day off today and thought I would share a screen shot of a panel I am working on. Spending my morning listening to podcasts, drinking coffee, and working a panel is a normal Monday for me. The picture is of my desktop while I use Gimp – GNU image manipulation program.


Most my work is done on a laptop running the Ubuntu Mate desktop. I haven’t used Windows in a very long time. I am a supporter of open-source software and use it when ever I can. Most of my work is done on Blender, Gimp, and Libre Office all of the programs are free to download and use. I also use a small Wacom to draw with. I only use a small portion of the full capabilities of theses programs. My work is not the best example what can be done with them. I learned how to use them from watching YouTube videos and playing around with them. Mostly solving one problem (challenge) at a time.

Thought I would share some of my stuff with you. Let me know if any of you would like to see more blog posts like this in between posting the comic. I hope to develop the blog page more in the future when I have the time.